STLRC – Policies

Members joining us on our group rides are expected to follow a certain cycling etiquette, and adhere to the policies and bylaws established by the STLRC. Below is a list of these policies and other recommended readings on cycling etiquette and safe practices. Each member should familiarize with themselves with this information by reading these sections and links to the pages provided within this page.

Helmet Requirement

All cyclists on STLC rides are required to adhere to this policy by wearing a bicycle helmet that meets national safety standards (either ANSI or Snell approved) on all of our club’s group rides. For more information on the importance of wearing a helmet read this article.

Safe Cycling

Cycling with friends, traveling rapidly and safely with confidence in your companions, is a joy. However, there is a certain cycling etiquette, or Rules of the Road, of which you should be aware of while cycling in a group.

Ride Leaders – Please take the initiative to educate your riders about and continually remind them of our policies and the rules of the road. It takes only a minute or two to emphasize one or two of these points at each ride. Educated riders are safer and have fewer conflicts among themselves and with motorists.

  • Bicycle riders (cyclists) on public streets and roads have the same rights and responsibilities as automobile drivers, and are subject to the same rules and regulations as any other vehicle on the road.

  • Stop at stop lights and stop signs and obey all regulatory signs and traffic laws.

  • Never ride against traffic.

  • Yield to pedestrians and enter crosswalks at pedestrian speed.

  • Ride right, pass left, and let others know when you are approaching them.

  • Choose the best way to turn left.

    • Look back, signal, move into the left lane, and turn.
    • Or ride straight to the far-side of the intersection, turn, and wait for the light to change, and then use the crosswalk as a pedestrian would.
  • Check out vehicles. Make eye contact with drivers. Assume they do not see you. Try to keep a car door width away from parked cars when riding on the street.

  • Avoid road hazards.

    • Watch out for hazards including: sewer grates; manhole covers; oil, gravel, or ice on the roadway.
    • Cross railroad tracks at a right angle to the tracks.
    • Stand up in your pedals for better control over bumps.
    • Be prepared to stop. If you use clip-less pedals, you may want to clip out one foot before you approach the hazard.
  • Ride a well-equipped bicycle.

    • Make sure your bicycle is adjusted to fit you properly.
    • Use a headlight mounted on your handlebars at night.
    • Equip your bicycle with rear and side reflectors.
    • Do NOT ride while using a cell phone or headphones.
  • Dress Appropriately. Wear light colored clothes for visibility and for your safety.

For additional information there is an informative website on bicycle safety and rules of the road which is easy to read through in a few minutes.

St. Louis Area Cycling Laws

The League Of American Bicyclists has a summary of bicycle laws for each state.

League of American Bicyclists – Riding Better

The LAB website has a plethora of information about bike safety, maintenance, and good riding habits.

Group Riding

The Missouri Biking Federation suggests some guidelines for Safe and Courteous Group Riding.

Club Anti-harassment Policy

The club strictly adheres to an anti-harassment policy with its membership, volunteers, guests, and event participants.

To facilitate our mission, the club’s goal is to provide an environment free from tensions created by ethnic, racial, sexual, religious, or political remarks.

Violation of this conduct may result in suspension or termination of membership privileges.

Club Bylaws

The club operates under these bylaws.