STLRC October, 2021 Newsletter

Hello STLRC Members,

It’s been a busy time as you can see from your mailbox.  The Board of Directors had a meeting on Monday, October 4 and here is a summary.  The full minutes (and associated documents) can be found at this link: .

As you could see from my previous email, we are investigating incorporation for various reasons.  I’m sure there will be much discussion on this.  The Directors are looking forward to getting your feedback at the picnic.

There has been some feedback that people are getting dropped on rides.  Darn!  There have been several innovations recently, such as two flights on a single ride.  While this is great, it requires two ride leaders.  If you are willing to lead a flight or a ride leader looking for another flight leader, please let Joe Kruchowski know.  In the meantime, be sure to read the details about the ride on the website.  Many times, there are details regarding speed and difficulty. If the ride doesn’t say it’s a no drop ride, you may get dropped. Maybe that ride isn’t for you.

We discussed the E-Bike policy and are not changing it.  Only Class-2 E-Bikes will be prohibited on Club rides.

Our intrepid Vice-President John Clarke is now our point person for rider insurance.

Each director is documenting their responsibilities for posterity, so it’s easier to pass along the job to the next Board.

And last but not least, the Fall Picnic is coming up!  But you all know about that already.

Leslie McCormick
Secretary, STLRC