STLRC March, 2021 Newsletter

At the STLRC Board of Director’s Meeting on March 18, 2021, the following Officers were nominated and elected to office:

President:  Faye Holdenried
Vice President:  John Clarke
Secretary:  Leslie McCormick
Treasurer:  Kathy Montgomery

The other Board Members are: Patti Brumleve, Deedie Cote, Joe Kruchowski, Barry Rindernecht, and Janis Thompson.

Many thanks to Larry Essmann for conducting the election.

Many thanks to our retiring Directors:

David Brown, (founding member) our past webmaster and past President.  He also handled our insurance program and helped with submitting claims.  David was instrumental in the creation of our STLRC banner and, was our LAB and Missouri Bike Federation representative for the club, and helped to develop our new website to make it bigger and better.  He was our original trainer for posting rides.

Darryl Fabick, (founding member) our Past Vice President.  Darryl posted ALL of our rides for years as well as cancelling and rescheduling them early in the morning on the day of an event. In addition, he handled all of our financial business until we created by-laws and officers.

Wayne Marsh (founding member) our past secretary, taking minutes, keeping statistics, conducting elections.  For many years, he served as master of ceremonies for our potlucks.  He was always the person who helped us remember important details so we were able to function efficiently.

James Cobb for being our excellent and efficient treasurer who helped us to make good decisions on spending our funds.  He also gave us many scenarios to think about whenever we started a new project which also helped us make wise decisions.

If anyone would like more details of Director Meetings and Treasurer’s Reports, please scroll down to the bottom of our website Homepage to Minute Meetings under Resources.  Treasurer’s Reports are found in each of the Minutes.

We look forward to seeing all of you on rides and hikes during the coming year.  Best wishes and stay and healthy!


Hiking Program Report. Leslie McCormick, our hike statistician, is keeping our hiking records.  Since October, 51 hikes have been held with a total of 366 hikers.  There are 9 hike leaders and there have been 13 guests.  9 additional hikes were cancelled due to weather. Claudia Spener, our hiking coordinator, gave an overview of our new hiking program that began in October, 2020.

There was a discussion concerning hikes during the biking season.  The consensus is that hikes may continue to be scheduled and conducted throughout the year.  A new “Hikes” page will be added to the website.  Claudia will write that web page.

Technology Report.  Website costs for 2020 and 2021 were reviewed by our Website Manager, Jane O’Donnell and our Webmaster, Joe Kruchowski.  The Website Expenditure Document can be found in the March 18, 2021 minutes at the bottom of the Home Page in Resources.

The password for our “Protected Members Only” section of our website must be changed for security reasons. This will be disseminated to the current membership and changed on Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

Annual Ride/Hike Leader Meeting:

Attendees agreed that we had a good first year, with most leaders posting their own events.  Riding safety was an important item, and leaders were asked to remind our participants regularly.  During the past year, we have spent many hours creating new cue sheets and updating old ones.  We welcome new leaders and will mentor anyone who would like to lead a ride or hike — your own creation or an existing ride.

Ride Leader Training:  Training for ride/hike leaders to use WordPress to post rides/hikes will be offered for beginners as well as leaders wanting a refresher session.  One-on-one or one-on-two training will be offered if there is an interest.  If you would like some training or retraining, contact Faye Holdenried explaining what you would like to learn and what times would be good for you.  Someone will get in touch with you shortly.

COVID Guideline Adjustments:  To stay consistent with the CDC guidelines, our social distance will stay at 6 feet. Members should bring masks to use if requested.  The remaining statements will remain the same.

Potlucks:  These events have been tabled for the time being.  As event dates get closer, the Directors will reevaluate our club coming together to socialize.

New Committees:

By-Laws Committee:  Directors will be reviewing the by-laws to include hikes as well as restructuring them to reflect our current needs.  If you are interested in taking part in this process, please read the by-laws found at the bottom of our website Home Page under Resources.  Then put in writing any comments and suggestions you have.  If you wish to join the committee, let us know in this email.  Please send them to Faye Holdenried by May 1, 2021.  After the new version draft is made, members will be given an opportunity to make comments.  When the final version is created by the Directors, members will vote to approve or reject the by-laws at our March 13, 2022 Annual Potluck Meeting when we also elect new Directors.

Website Committee:  Directors are reviewing all sections of the website.  We are primarily integrating hiking into the appropriate sections.  If you are interested, please join us by sending comments and suggestions by May 1, 2021 to Faye Holdenried.  

Memorial Donations Committee:  On the death of members or others that have made significant contributions to STLRC, the Directors have decided to make donations to charitable organizations in their honor.  We are now developing guidelines for the donations.  Larry Essmann will be heading this program.  If you would like to help on the committee, please contact Faye Holdenried at

  •  SLTRC Apparel

    Apparel still for sale:

    Men’s short-sleeved jersey:  2 Medium, 2 Large, 1 Extra-Large
    Women’s short-sleeved jersey:  1 Medium, 1 Large, 2 Extra-Large
    Women’s long-sleeved jersey:  1 XX-Large
    Arm Warmers:  2 pr. Small, 4 pr. Medium

    STLRC Apparel Prices:

    1. Short Sleeve Jersey – $70
    2. Long Sleeve Jersey – $75
    3. Arm Warmers – $25

    A Jersey sample can be viewed on the website under the Member tab.

    Any member wishing to purchase a jersey or T-shirt should contact Janis Thompson at   She will decide when there is enough interest for another printing of shirts

  • STLRC Annual Dues:

    1. If you have not already renewed your annual membership for 2021, please submit a Membership Application and Renewal Form, along with a check, payable to STLRC, for the $10.00 annual dues, to Patti Brumleve as soon as possible.  Her address is on the renewal form.
    2. This saves our webmaster significant time when entering this information into the member only portion of our website.
    3. Also, knowing the size of our membership helps up in developing our yearly budget.

March 24

Password change to Members Only

May 1

Interest in Committees deadline