A bicycling group in the metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri area offering group rides at various ability levels.

St. Louis Recreational Cyclists is affiliated with
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St. Louis Recreational Cyclists
St. Louis Recreational Cyclists


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August Bicycle Trip

August 30 - Sept 3
Xenia, OH

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Complete Streets Bike Ride
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2016 Archives

In our fifth year as a bicycle club, STLRC had 183 members (108 men and 75 women). We sponsored 289 rides although some were cancelled. Over 2300 riders, counting duplicates of course, rode on our rides. Here is a list of the rides with the most participants.

Dates Starting Location Participants
Tues, 10/18 Kirkwood Community Center – JB & Grant’s Trail (End of Season Ride) 32
Thur, 09/22 Columbia – Millstadt 27
Mon, 09/05 09/19, Creve Coeur Lake – New Town & Beyond 23
Mon, 06/06 Creve Coeur Lake – New Town & Beyond 22
Tues, 10/04 L&C Boathouse – Portage Des Sioux 22
Tues, 09/20 MO Visitors Center (Dunn Rd) – MCT Trails 22
Thur, 06/30 Columbia – Waterloo 21
Tues, 07/05 Creve Coeur Lake – St. Peters 21
Mon, 10/10, 11/14 Creve Coeur Lake – New Town & Beyond 21
Mon, 04/18, 08/08, 09/26 Creve Coeur Lake – New Town & Beyond 20
Tues, 08/09 L&C Boathouse – St. Peters 20
Tues, 10/11 Collinsville – MCT Trails 19
hur,10/27 Columbia – Wlaterloo 19
Mon, 06/13 Creve Coeur Lake – New Town & Beyond 19
Tues, 08/30 L&C Boathouse – Portage Des Sioux 19
Tues, 06/28 O’Fallon Civic Park – Moscow Mills 19

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You can find descriptions of individual rides by following the links below. If you want to reuse one of these ride descriptions for planning a future ride, simply copy the description, paste it into an email, make the appropriate edits, and send it to rides@stlrc.org requesting that your ride be posted. You should grade your ride according to the Ride Difficulty Ratings.

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THANK YOU! To the 23 STLRC members who served as a ride coordinator in 2016:

John Buck, Pat Cannon, James Cobb, Deedie Cote, Peggy Crump, Larry Essmann, Darryl Fabick, Joan Fromme, Laura Gerren, Faye Holdenried, Al Janowski, Marilyn Janowski, Anne Jesse, Wayne Marsh, Vicky McAmis, Dotty Menetre, Tom Mitchell, Alan Ranford, Claudia Spener, Ann Stiern, Billie Teneau, Greg Wilson, Harold Wisely Jr.